Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shop Update-PAIRS! Lampwork Glass Headpins.

Hello friends!

Well you've asked and here I am to respond. I have been asked for pairs so there they are! I have just stocked the shop FULL of wonderful pairs of your favorite headpins! Perfect for that one pair you may need to create for a special gift or just for yourself(cause surely you deserve one for all of your hard work this Christmas season, right?! RIGHT.).

A little bit for everyone. If you like BRIGHT, got it. Distress and stone looking? Got it. Recycled glass? Got it!

Recycled bottle glass headpins
One of your favorites Ice blue on Copper! Earth Droplets "Ice Blue" on copper
No, you aren't seeing double, I did do them on both metals! This pair is especially cool. See the little tornado inside? he he Earth Droplets "Ice Blue" on steel.
Be green and wear it! Earth Droplets "Kelly Green" 
You get extra points for not only drinking your beer, but for making it into something :D Earth Droplets "Root Beer" 

"Cream Silver" headpins. A super funky mix of yellow green ivory and SILVER. Yum! I made these JUST so I could use them in one my earring pairs I was creating :D
Suh-weet Huh?!

Distressed Stone Headpins

Droplet Earth Stones "Black Lava" a perfect mix of stone, black and color! 

Droplet Earth Stones "Frosted Fiber" perfect for the color shy. Oh and they go with everything ;)

BRIGHT headpins!

Swirl Pod "Lime and Aqua"- You all have LOVED seeing these on facebook so I suspect they will move quickly! Oh and maybe even more so when you see what I made with them!
Um... AWESOME! and they are light weight too with lots of negative space! 

Swirl Pods "Pink Ribbon"- pretty in pink and black! 

You may have noticed the super sweet Wooly Wire in my earring desings! You can expect a post on those coming up soon!

xo Genea


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