Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spoils from Staci

Hello friends!

I told you I was doing my posts in backwards order. I actually received Staci's box before Karen's, but didn't get them all edited in order. 

Soooooooooo here is my awesome box from Staci! 

Ok so again with the awesome packaging! This is SO important peeps! I am a firm believer in packaging everything you send out like a gift. It's so wonderful to open up packages that are beautifully wrapped. It's an extra treat, and TRUST ME your customers will love it!
What is every more awesome is that Staci actually MADE this bag. She sewed up this sweet little pouch and tied it with a piece of batik fabric. So pretty!
Isn't she so cute?! She even made me a pouch in turquoise and my wrapping tissue was lime green with GLITTER :D AND... it was tied with batik fabric(one of my fave fabrics!) :D
She sent me one of her AMAZING bird skull beads! I am still in shock and awe at how real these look! So cool! I even have this amazing idea in my head for it :D
I just LOVE this medium spiral(which is fairly large next to my smaller work, but I love it!) and my URCHIN pendant! OMG I LOOOOOOOOOVE it! I had my eye on it for awhile ;) 

Here is a better pic in my hand. Um did you see this charm! HOLY CRAP it's amazing!! I told her she needs to make more! Just look at all of that texture on the urchin! Pretty sweet eh?!
She sent me one of her awesome sugar skulls! I can't wait to make this into my "halloween time of year" piece. I was just thinking I needed some tasteful holiday jewelry without being cheese and this is perfect! I LOVE sugar skulls too! 
I also received one of her wonderful spider webs and this pretty big piece of drilled beach glass :D

Check out these fanciful bronze flower caps. They are nice and thick.

Here is how the other piece came packed. I LOVE that she used this beautiful scrap of fabric to wrap up the jewelry she sent. I think the fabric has such a nice touch to the packaging for sure! 

Staci went through some of her past jewelry and sent me one her beautiful older works! It's so pretty! Deep purples and blues. I Love this chunk of kyanite on the left! 

Thanks for checking in to see my goodies from Staci! 

See you soon!

xo Genea


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