Monday, December 3, 2012

MEGA BOX from Karen and Nellie!

Hello friends!

Ok so I am doing this a little backwards! I did receive a few more packages and goodies previously so I will for sure blog about those just not in the right order ;)

So today my MEGA BOX arrived from Karen and Nellie! At first when I checked the mail I thought it was the pair of Vibram shoes my husband had ordered. Upon picking up the box I looked at the address label and saw it was for ME :D
When a box this LARGE arrives at your house and you know there are beads inside, it's a GOOD day! 
Underneath a few layers of packing paper laid my buried treasures!
I pulled out my beautifully knitted scarf from Nellie and put it on as I dug through my box of treasures, clicking pictures as I went. Isn't this scarf GORGEOUS?! Not only did Nellie dye and spin the fibers in my scarf, but she also KNIT it and she even used my favorite ribbing so that the little "V's" go up and down :D Isn't she MAD talented?! She must get it from her mother ;)
OH..MY...GOD.... Are you seeing this?! Nellie sent me SKEINS of her beautiful hand dyed and spun yarn! They are so amazingly gorgeous! I don't even know what I am going to knit yet, but I will keep them safe and sound until I find a pattern I can work up. I will, of course get cheap yarn for the first project before moving onto my precioussssssssssssss ;)
Also inside the box was a sweet little plastic draw string bag with THESE goodies inside! Know what these are???
WOOLY WIRE(fiber wire)! and GOBS of it!! 
Here's a closer look! Pretty much every color you could EVER WANT. See my "Bright Earth" color palette match?! OMG! I LOVE them all! 
Here is a photo of the "Bright Earth" Wing Dings and the "Bright Earth" match in Wooly Wire! Not to worry, Nellie and I are working on making more wire and beads for your designing pleasure ;)
If that wasn't exciting enough, here you can see her color match to my "Ancient Pebble" series of beads! You can see those focals in my shop here.

Um HOLY AWESOMENESS BATMAN! Aren't they fantastic together?! Again, Nellie is SWAMPED at the moment, so you can expect some matching Wooly Wire in the nearish future ;)
Ahhhh and now for Karen's box! Isn't this beautifully wrapped?! I just LOVE batiked fabric and look at the sweet bee ribbon :D
I love that my friends know me so well. Did you notice the ties were blue and green silk? :D I love this sweet daisy card as well! Some of my favorite flowers!
Opening of the box.

Layer 1- Look at the gorgeous Black Raven clay, some "naked" and some with the print shiny! Some lovely curry colored patinated rings and what I call "ripe banana" looking glaze. Oh and a pair or coraly stars! I do LOVE coral!!

Layer 2- some gorgeous amber dust beads, beautiful copper sooty patinated pendant and rings, and this lovely sagey green on black!

 Layer 3- Some of Karen's sweet little flower connectors, some really pretty ivoryish and sagey forest green connectors and copper sooty patinated charms!
Layer 4- Some of Karen's AMAZING little charm drops, darkened jump rings, curry patinated hoops, and sooty black copper and I forget the other golden patina name pieces. Remember those pieces I got from the bead show awhile back? 

Layer 5- A little leaf focal, a yummy green and blue patinated brass charm, some sooty rings and s'hooks and a really pretty black and ivory stamped focal!

Layer 6- You can't really see the heart, but if you look in the top left on the rightish side you will see the blue grotto glaze. Inside is an AMAZING spiral stamped heart! OMG Karen needs to make more of those!! Love these ivory daisy stamped connectors, one of Karen's amazing lentil beads, and sooty copper chain.

Layer 7- Maybe you can see that heart better now? Kinda? Some Yucatan clay dings(my very FAVORITE glaze because it's green and blue and matched one of my favorite odd lot glasses, Okey Dokey Artichokey), some sooty hoops and some gorgeous verdigris color blended hoops and charm!

Layer 8- some sooty stamped thick rings, sooty chain, sooty hoops and sooty copper clay dings! 

All of my loot from Karen spread out on the table! Good things do come in tiny packages! 

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my new goodies! Now to get to work CREATING!

xo Genea


Patti Van said...

Wow! You did hit pay dirt! I LOVE THAT SCARF- I love everything - but I am on a scarf binge many beauties!

Linda Landig said...


Genea said...

I know, right?! He he. They spoil me :D Me too!! I was wearing it today in the basement. I get chilly easily ;) Oh I know it! Where to start?! so much to create! Thanks for stopping by! xo Genea

Genea said...


Alice said...

Wow, it's as good as Christmas!!! Look at all those goodies! I'm green with envy. Really.

Bobbie said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow!! Lucky girl, you!

Tiffany Smith said...

Wow everything is sooo beautiful I'm jealous

Genea said...

It is! So exciting! :D

Genea said...

It was like Christmas Alice! So many wonderful things in one box!

Thanks Bobbie! I am SUPER lucky!

xo Genea

Kristen said...

I went to heaven just looking at your goodies!!!!

Genea said...

OMG I know, right?! I STILL have not gotten to dive into them yet. I had some orders and things to get to today! Ack >_<

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