Sunday, June 20, 2010

Artbeads.Com Summer Time Blog Review

Hello friends!

I am excited to be posting my Summer blog! I had a great time picking up supplies from their incredible selection and designing! My items came from the Pendants
and Glass Beads categories.
Here is the one that I would say "got away". I had some plans to make some beads with enamel to match this pendant and make a necklace, but I didn't end up getting my safety stuff set up in time to make the blog design.

I have always been a fan of pottery looking things so this pendant was right up my alley. I love all of the different organic colors that come from glazes and spirals are one of my favorite shapes. This pendant is called Marsha Neal Blue Honey Cluster Spiral Pendant.

Now if you don't already know, I am a SUCKER for limited addition anything in my field. I LOVE limited addition glass rods, so when I saw that there was a limited addition glass category I just HAD to check it out! I used the green mix teardrop beads and the pink and orange teardrop beads for some of my newly designed wing ding bead earrings. You can see the pretty stripey and double colored drops peeking out from behind the glass wings :)Working with fire, firey colored things always catch my eye and warm my heart. When I saw these fire square glass beads. This was a pretty fun design for me. With my recent explosion of wing ding making I had *just* the right colored wing dings to go with my fire squares! I always have fun with asymmetrical designs so I used my imagination to come up with this fun design. I came up with a few designs in which the beads slide! Very cool!
I really love this new pressed glass style bead I have been collecting. The shape is called a "bottle cap". They totally look like the bottle cap candies I used to eat with my dad when I was a kid :) Pictured here are orange and green flat bottlecaps w/ picasso bead strand . I love all of the color variation in them and the stone look they have. I used some of my special production glass to match with them. I love all of the streaks and veining in the glass. This bracelet also has "slider" wing dings.

Funny enough I used some of the same glass wing dings in this design as I did the one above. They were such a perfect match I just had to use them! I used the orange and white striped square bead strand. They look a little brighter on the site, but they are a soft yellow orange with streaks of creamy white. I did more of a monochromatic style bracelet with the fun wing ding "sliders".

This one might just be my favorite! I used special production Bullseye glass for the amazing colored lentils. I tried to color match to Pale Green, Yellow, Pink and Brown with Flower Design Picasso Oval Bead Strand beads you see above. The embossed print in the beads kind of reminds me of those little fossils(I forget what they are called). I just love all of the awesome colors in this bead strand and being able to match them to glass was pretty fantastic! I love the asymmetrical design I chose as well. Again, there are little "sliders" in copper twisted rings for added interest and design :D

Well I hope you enjoyed my review of my new booty from and I hope that it inspires you for your own creative designing!

Go forth and create!

Much love,


Genea Beads has received these products free of charge from and is honestly reviewing the products. We have not been paid for our endorsement as it pertains to the products received.


Copper Diem said...

Very pretty! I love your beads, and I love the beads you chose to go with them!

Genea said...

Thank you :) I had a blast designing! :D

LA Mitchell said...

the earrings you made are adorable!!!

Genea said...

Thanks! I'll be making a series of them that will be available in my shop as soon as I get all of them made :D

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