Friday, June 4, 2010

Early birthday present- a new body mod!

**WARNING: The below content may be more of an adult nature. Don't read ahead if tattoos and piercings offend you. **

On another note I am SUPER excited about my early b-day present from my friend Stephanie :D I got another pair or matching piercings that are not visible>:D Now I bet a bunch of you are cringing about the pain or horrified that I would "mutilate" my body in this manner. The truth is, is that my husband and I really enjoy expressing art on our bodies with piercings and tattoos. It is art on your body and since we have a deep appreciation of art and expression we enjoy adding these "modifications" to our forms. It is more of an accepted form of art on the body of people in our generation versus other generations where tattoos were just on bikers, convicts and military. I'm glad that there is a new openness in expression with our and newer generations.

Anyways, I'm sure there are a few of you that are interested in the look and experience of my new additions. I opted for tiny barbells that go diagonally across my nipples. I like the idea of the angled lines versus the straight lines. I feel that the angle compliments the shape of women's bodies. The piercing is just two tiny 4mm sized balls on either side of the nipple. They are barely noticeable with my clothing over the top. I didn't want hoops cause I thought they are kinda 80's(at least on me, this doesn't go for other people. I very much like the look of them on men) and I surely don't want to get snagged on anything! YOUCH!

So now for the pain update. If you are used to tattoos and piercings this one isn't too bad. The worst part of the piercing was the poke of the needle going through. Now this doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt, but that was the worst part. My piercer told me that the nipple skin is more tough and gristly in texture than skin or cartilage so he said you really need to push it harder through the surface. To me it felt like the needles glided right through. Now they do lube up the needles and they are VERY sharp if they just felt like they slid right through the surface.

The afterwards pain was a very strange sensation. It felt like the center of my nipple was like the feeling of getting goosebumps. Then I could feel pain radiate out from it that wrapped around the side of my breast and deeper into my chest. Very weird. My friend that has been breast feeding said that is kind of how your breasts feel when they are engorged with milk. Eek! I'm glad I still have a little while until I revisit that sensation.

Ibuprofen after my piercings made such a tremendous difference, that and the wearing of a sports bra to strap the girls down. I had to sleep on my back last night which is a total switch for me since I am an on the tummy sleeper. I had to turn my piercings last night, remove the "crusties" and put some all natural sea salt solution on them. I feel much better this morning already. They feel less sore and should be pretty well healed in about a week. They will be completely healed in 3-4 weeks. I sure will be excited to get back to sleeping on my stomach again :)

That is about all of the news I have to share for this week. I can't wait to go hang out with my friend Jd for his birthday tonight and go to the gay pride celebrations this weekend.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,