Friday, June 4, 2010

More discs, rekkets and some of my new BE friends!

Hello friends!

Well I have been making a bunch of fun stuff so I have lots of pictures for you today :D

I am working on a special birthday present for a friend so I got into my Bullseye stash again looking for some super BRIGHT colors for her piece. I had so much fun just melting all kinds of colors I am sure I will have extras to list at a later time.I was able to make 3 at a time on each mandrel and decided to make these "wing dings" on 1/16th mandrels instead of my normal 3/32's.This view is a little prettier since you can see the colors better. I had a bead mat full of other stuff so I snagged up this piece of packing foam stuff to lay the beads on to see their color against white instead of my light wood colored desk top.
I met a new friend while trying to match a color glass bead with a rod. This new friend's name is "Sunset Coral". Now in this picture it looks pretty amber brown right? The wing ding kind of gives you a better idea of it's color when more light is passing through it. The glass is this amazing hue of orange/brown/pink. This color really intrigued me so I had to explore it a little more. I also met another color that you can see in the wing dings picture called "Vintage Rose". The rod color was this kind of pinkish brown, but when melted it strikes to: orangeish, pinkish and yellow.OMG, right?! Aren't they SOOOO pretty?! I found this other odd lot(I forget it's name at the moment) and used it for the stringer. The color is kind of ivoryish/transparent brown. The look of the stringer melted makes it looks kind of airy and soft. The Vintage Rose rod reminded me of my mother's peace rose that grew in our home in Wisconsin right under the rain gutter. It was a beautiful yellow/pinkish/peach and it grew like CRAZY from all the water it got being by the gutter. After thinking of her roses I just had to put these colors together into a few beads.

Now like all beautiful things I was sad to discover that I only have ONE rod of Vintage Rose and Light Sunset Coral. I checked out BE's website to see if I could find more of both colors and it looks like they are both odds. I did find a regular Sunset Coral so I am curious to see how close it is to the rod I have. Anyways, I will be trying to finish a set with these colors to offer sometime next week. With the small amount of glass I have, we will see just how far I can stretch it ;)

So now that I have tempted you with all of the things you CAN'T have, maybe I should show you all of the things you CAN have by sharing what is new in the shop ;)


WOW, where do I begin! I am so excited about all of the new beads I made!
"Amanda's Wheel"- as you may know I have been SUPER stoked about making large holed discs lately. This bead is no exception! I took colors from my friend Amanda's shirt and made some beads to match. I just LOVE this color combination together! The colors are: chocolate brown, orange, teal, lime green and aqua. The teal is Messy's new color "Mermaid". It's a beautiful bluish teal and it was perfect for this color scheme :)"Amanda's Rekkets"- If you missed last weeks update, I listed some beads in my "rekkets" style. The "rekkets" is really "records" pronounced in an Eastern accent. It's kind of an old inside jokeish deal from a time in my past ;) Anyways, the same fun colors as the above focal, but smaller for tons of designing fun!"Gobstopper Wheel"- Holy freakin' YUM! These are my absolute FAVORITE colors together: lime green, aqua, coral and orchid! This bead looks like a Gobstopper jaw breaker cut in half with all the rings of color! This baby is a bit larger than some of the earlier discs with another 2 rings of color! By looking at the picture of it in my hand you can see just how much larger it is than it's friends :)"Gobstopper Rekkets"- What's awesome large also works for smaller things! I took my very favorite colors and made them into "rekkets" style discs. This set has 2 matching discs since I only had 4 colors instead of my normal 5 with which to work. This means that you can actually have a matching pair for earrings if you like or just opt to combine them all into a fun bracelet or necklace something something ;)"Jaw Breakers"- What a fantastical set! Lots of shapes and color along with the mix of transparents and opaques! I took my "gravity bubble" hollow design and put a spin on it by using opaque glass in the center instead of transparent for a different look. The larger discs are also a mix of transparent cored cane glass along with bands of opaques. To finish off the set, little spiral discs were added for some different size and texture. There are just SO many possibilities for this set! I can't wait to see what people make :D


Well I am the proud owner of ! For now the site is just linked up to Etsy because when I was purchasing my domain I didn't get this web builder add-on from godaddy to build the page. It was pretty confusing. It turns out the page builder is $54, so I am thinking I might look around for another hosting service since thus far I am very unhappy with godaddy's services. The site is a mess with tons of tabs and banners and all of that stuff. I found it very difficult to navigate. I didn't feel that they were very clear with what exactly you needed to build a page without any html knowledge. Now on the upside their customer service rep was very nice, which made things pleasant.

I am looking into maybe moving things over to fat cow for a few reasons. My friend Brandon originally suggested I get a page here. It looks like they had all of the things I needed to build the page, along with 3 domain's and easy web building tools. The only reason I went for godaddy's domain was because it was $10.48 that day for the domain. It turns out that price was for the name only, so that is why the page is currently forwarded until I sort the rest of the things out. Another thing that is selling me on fat cow is that they are run on wind energy, which really appeals to the green girl inside of me :D So I will keep you all posted to the sites updates as soon as I get them all worked out.


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