Sunday, October 1, 2017

"How to lose Burner Friends" glittery feather necklaces.

Hello beautiful souls,

I am SO tickled with my new creations. You all know how making gifts makes me super creative. This is no exception especially since the inspiration came out of such a heated debate about glitter! So if you aren't familiar with the 10 Principles of Burning Man there is a HUGE deal about leaving "moop"(matter out of place) as part of leaving no trace. So glitter and feathers are STRICTLY PROHIBITED at all costs since they shed and will not biodegrade. So in our regional event I had asked if biodegradable glitter was ok since it biodegrades. The answer was a resounding "NO, it's MOOP". The post BLEW up and it got heated. So I jokingly made a facebook status that stated "Want to start a heated debate? Walk up to a burner and say "glitter". This post led to jokes played back and forth between Christian and our friend Patrick. Christian said "We should make art with glittery feathers," and Patrick retorted "ways to lose burner friends" with a photo of a paper glittery feather.

 The image inspired this idea and here's how it went....

I had the brilliant idea to make "glitter and feathers happen" in a way to get around the rules. It was the perfect way to bring the "burner snark" to a super awesome piece for gifting. I had so much fun I just made a few.....

 Ok so I made A LOT. I started out with a few gifts for friends and they brought my heart so much joy I made extras to gift out to other people I met. 

 The necklace is comfortable and simple and perfect for everyday wear.

My designs always start out more simple and then get more intricate from there. Look how pretty this is with a labyrinth on it!!

In my fit of inspiration my cynical heart had ANOTHER great idea. I made glittery feathers, but what about SPARKLE PONIES?! LOL. This is another buner reference. The definition of a "Sparkle Pony" according to Urban dictionary is: A high maintenance person at the Burning Man Festival who is unprepared for the harsh camping environment and becomes a burden to their camp-mates.
Burner #1: "Can you believe that Sparkle Pony over there brought 60 costumes but only 2 gallons of water and some ramen noodles?"

Burner#2: "Yeah. They asked me where the food court was located."

Funny, right?! I thought so. I ended up making a few more special gifts for some new friends and the feathers continued to get more intricate and so did the ponies.
 I just love these with the flower of life and chartres labyrinth. 
 My friend Eryn suggested I make a "My little woke pony" design with a chakra image on their butt. I loved the idea! The images were just a little bit too big to fit on the butt area of the horse so I made the image fit on the chest since it was the largest spot. It turned out pretty sweet! 

I even made some special ones for Christian and me. I made his with his 3 favorite colors and a solar plexus chakra since that is his power chakra. My colors are: lime green, aqua, and purple so I did those with my power chakra, sacral chakra. I did them in the sanskrit and chakra symbol. We kept the symbol ones for us, but the ones pictured here will be for gifts. 
Here you can see the necklace on Christian. The necklaces are about 50mm long. 

When I return from the burn on October 9th I will be offering more of these for sale in "the default world". You can choose "made-to-order" regular colored feathers here.  I will figure out a way to list the other designs at some point and really want to further explore doing a chakra set of feathers. 

Thanks for sharing this joy with me.

See you soon!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea


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