Monday, March 18, 2019

A new direction for our work and a 20% off Sale March 18-24th in our Etsy Shops

*Model and photo by Morgin Riley @autumnlocs

Hello beautiful souls,

It's been a minute hasn't it? I have been busy taking my work in a new direction and now is the perfect time to tell you all about it and have a little sale :) I have decided to move my focus of my work on creating dread beads and music festival/ burning man jewelry. I will still be creating beads, but mostly to create my jewelry. I will have extra beads and findings that I will be adding into my shop as I create. I have also decided to shift my focus on doing more on Instagram than Facebook. I will be doing DM(direct message) sales of my work through Instagram for my new work and then adding things to my shops. I will be combining my Etsy jewelry shop to my Etsy bead shop so it's easier to find my work all in one place :) Sounds a little crazy, but it will all fall into place ;) 

So since spring is the time for fresh new starts we thought it would be a good time to transition and have a nice little sale! We are offering a longer than normal sale so that the word can circulate about our sale and you all don't hear about it after it's happened. Our sale will be from March 18-24th and we are offering 20% off in our Etsy Bead and Etsy Jewelry shop as well as some DM sales on Instagram! 

Here is a nice little pile of some dread beads we have been creation that will all be in the sale as well. If you don't see them in my shop they are available for purchase by dm on Instagram. 

Don't have dreads? You can wear your dread bead over a necklace like I have shown it here over my Third Eye Pinecone necklace or any necklace of your choice. 

Did you know that our dread beads can also be worn over braids or over a hair wrap?! There is no end to the possibilities of these beads :)

I have also been busy doing lots of collaborations with some lovely dreaded people along with some jewelry artists! I can't wait to tell you all about my adventures and show off our combined work!

Thanks so much for journeying with me!

Love, light, and highest vibrations,

xo Genea


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