Thursday, November 19, 2020

30-50% off Black Friday Weekend Sales


We're doing it bigger this year!

Hello my loves,

It's true, we're doing it! We're offering our BIGGEST discount in many years on our Etsy shop for Black Friday along with our super awesome 30% off discount on our entire stock of dread beads. 

As you all know we had to change gears with our business and move into creating dread beads and festival jewelry. We thought it would be awesome to clear out our Etsy shop and give you all a super sweet discount for all of your jewelry gift making needs! We really want our beads to go to a good home and be created into the perfect gift paired with your favorite handmade beads, gemstones, and whatever other treasures you might have in your stash. Our 50% off sale will be in our Etsy shop ONLY and ONLY on Black Friday. We still want you all to catch some deals even if you miss out Friday so we are offering 25% off Saturday through Cyber Monday as well. 

We will be doing our very first sale at our newest shop location on the Arwen Collective website
We have a wonderful group of very talented people on the site to fill all of your gift-giving needs. We will be stocking dread beads and festival jewelry in the future, but we decided to focus on stuffing our glasswork shop  full of dread beads for Black Friday. We are offering our largest discount of 30% on Black Friday and then 25% Saturday through  Cyber Monday. 

We hope you will find something you can't live without and give that same gift to those special people on your list (even if that special person is just YOU)! 

Thank you all for so many wonderful years of supporting me and my art. I can't thank you all enough for allowing me to create beautiful glassworks for you all. It's an honor that you have shared my creative journey with me.

Happiest holidays and love to you all!

Love, light, and highest vibrations,

xoxo Genea


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