Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's listings and Studio fun later today!

Hello Friends!

I just had a burst of inspiration so I think instead of posting right this second about yesterdays fun, I will have to stop back by later today and give you the full re-cap;)

But.... I won't leave you empty handed. I will post my new pretties I just listed in the shop!

Today I have some wonderful Ivory offerings!

"Bridal Bouquet"- This set is full of lovely twisted roses, warm Ivory scroll work, and vines with leaves. I think it would be exquisite for a bridal piece, but it could work for anyone that loves warm ivory and roses.
"Halo"- What can I say? The glass almost speaks for itself. This ruffly heart was made with fantastic odd lot bullseye glass that I got from a special box that was offered at the ISGB Gathering when it was here in KC. You can see all of the lovely streaky awesomeness on the heart base and ruffly wings. This heart was actually the one that inspired me with another idea that I am going to explore today!

So for todays glass making I am going to explore some ideas based on the above heart. I will give you more details tomorrow when I will have pictures to go along with my ideas.

Stay tuned for my later posting today for my fun with Kristen!

See you soon!

Much love,



Kristin said...

I loooove this bridal bouquet set!

Genea said...

Thanks! :)

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