Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week in review

Hello friends!

First off I would like to announce the Genea Beads give away on the Dandy Giveaway blog! Check out the link for more information on the giveaway. Here is the item up for grabs.The Bokamo Home show was a huge success! We had such a wonderful time hanging out with Terry and Steve! It was great to see everyone! Thanks to Steve, Terry and everyone for their overwhelming support! <3


How about a jump start on Valentine's Day? This is for all of you emo kids, or skully peeps out there. First is a set of lentil beads with 2 freckly pink and black lentils, a skull boy, skull girl, and pink broken heart bead. For the second item I have listed a button that would just match perfectly! Now wouldn't both of these make a KILLER bracelet and clasp? Yeah, I thought so too! ;)Button shank is black with pink freckles. Flower face is pastel pink with an ivory skull on top.

SALE! Since we are on a Valentine's day theme I put this awesome lime and aqua gilttery passion heart on sale! This little beauty was made with incredible Bullseye odd lot and regular stock glass. WOW!


OMG! Guess what I got in the mail?! YEP, SARAH MORAN BEADS!!!! What a fantastic early Christmas present huh?! Aren't they amazing? Sarah was kind enough to send me a fantastical sampling of her beadies for my designing pleasure. Oh what to make! I must say pictures don't even do them justice. There really is NOTHING like holding them in your hands!So when I was at the show a customer asked if I had a pendant to match these fab earrings. Luckily I had this bead and made an AWESOME pendant to match! Pretty sweet huh?!I just love the way this turned out. I guess I need to make some more of these style earrings and a matching pendant too huh?

So as you know this is the time of the year for baking! Holly and I decided to prep our dough for cut out sugar cookies. We decided that in the mean time it would be smart to make some chocolate chip cookies while we were waiting for the cookie dough to chill. OK so I never said I was an awesome baker! It was Holly's idea to take the cookies off the pan while they were still hot so they didn't continue to cook and get burnt. So some of the cookies were kind smooshy and the other pan of cookies kinda stuck together so we had to cut them out all square like. They may not be super pretty, but they were DAMN DELICIOUS! :P

So I thought you all might like to see the process of our sugar cookie making! Ok so you know me and bright colors right? Yeah, we kinda get along :D Did you know that they make NEON food coloring?! Look at our decorating pretties!Ever wonder what Holly looks like? Well here she is! She even made the silly face and posed with the flower sprinkles!
Here you can see just how BRIGHT the frosting turned out!Pretty sweet eh? We made butter cream frosting for the tops of the cookies. Little did we know that we could have used some meringue powder to keep our frosting from separating. Again, better bead maker than baker! lol
I was sneaky enough to have gotten a picture of Brandon. He he he.
Here you can see Brandon and Ricky decorating cookies. Awww!
Here is one of the pans of cookies. I made Patrick from Sponge bob. You can see him in the bottom left corner :D
On the bottom left you can see Ricky's zombie cookie that is headless. Well what else are you supposed to do with the cookie that loses it's head?! On the bottom right you may also notice Brandon's gay pride Christmas tree! Pretty snazzy huh?! They were a bit tasty too!

Well I didn't quite get to bead making today! It is BALLS cold outside! 10 degrees is WAY too cold to make beads if you ask me!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend/ beginning of the week.

See you soon!

Much love,



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