Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adventures from glass to fibers

Hello friends!

A little bit of a late start online. I was whisked away to one of my very favorite local Asian restaurants by my brother. :) That sure is a nice way to start out your day! I even did some picture editing so you could have a nice LONG and eventful blog to read today full of beads, designs, and ongoing art projects! Horay!


Both items have a "sunshine" theme today. Today's first listing is a fantastical set of batik style round beads. These are those beads I refer to "magic" beads as well. The color reactions are just fantastic!See, I told you!

Next I have a super CUTE little Sunshine pendant named "you are my sunshine". This pendant was inspired by the darling amigurumi knitted pieces.Today's SALE item fits along with the batiky raku theme. I have a goddess to offer. She looks like stone and has gorgeous raku designs on her body!


The knitting bug totally bit me! What fantastical fibers there are out in the world! Here is a picture of my first scarf completed! It is made out of 70% wool and 30% acrylic.This scarf was made with a garter stitch, but apparently I did it backwards. So instead of wrapping my cord around the back I wrapped it around the front and knitted it forming little x's.

Here is my second scarf. Yes, I know it's acrylic, but it was the only other fiber I had around the house that wasn't made out of a teeny thread with furry poof's on it. Now I don't have anything against furry poof's or anything, but have you tried to knit with that stuff? I have great vision and all and I can't see my stitches to save my life! I think I will stick with wool ;) Anyways....Pretty huh? It looks like rainbow sherbet! This one was made with a true garter stitch. I figured it would be hard to see my knits and purls on this style fiber so I just did the easy stitch.

Now these are SO awesome I can hardly stand it! These are coffee cozies for your Starbucks cups. Why did I plug Starbucks? Well they make outstanding coffee and I am a coffee snob! lol These were knitted and then felted. No more hot hands for you and just think no more throwing away or recycling your cardboard sleeves! How fantastic!
Now for the master's work. Holly, the incredible, made this AWEOME knit mowhawk hat! It has been felted for that fuzzy tight look! Can you believe she made this in just a few hours?!INSPIRATION FROM FIBERS INTO GLASS

So as you may know one creative thing usually likes to leak over to other creative things. So my knitting bled over to my glass. Here is one of the first things I made. Well wool is made out of sheep fuzz so here are my sheepies.With all designs there are things that worked or didn't. The very first sheep is actually black and gray and resembles what a cancerous lump might look like in glass than a sheep. So, poo on that design. The second sheepie is white and super bumply to look wooly. The only bad thing is that you can just barely see the ears against it's white fuzzy body. It is, however, very cute and passible in design. The lamb face was actually next, but I wanted you to see the progression of the sheep with bodies first. Ok so the 3rd sheepie. Very cute on dark ivory instead. I really like the variegated "curdly" look of dark ivory. He is very cute, but isn't very wooly. Maybe I should add some larger dots on the sides to make him look more fluffy without being over kill? The last little guy is a lamb face. I think it's pretty cute, but wondered if the nose needed to be longer. Should it go all the way down to the bottom of the face? I dunno. Still pondering that one.

Now you can't make sheep without making what sheep wool turns into right? Here I made some balls of yarn. These little balls of yarn were made with Messy's new color Mermaid! It is a fantastic more bluish teal. The earrings to the right were etched to make them look more like wool. As you may know, wool is not really shiny. The yarn balls to the left were made with stringer and a little more strategically places to give them the look of wound up yarn. the ones to the right were the first ones made using the rod to make sloppily strung yarn. I think the second ones on the right that were made into earrings are perfect. They are more tidy and wound up looking and matte!


Ok, now you will totally pee your pants! Do you believe I actually brought out my sewing machine? Did you pee your pants yet? Ok, well I got it when I got married the first time and used it all of about TWICE! This year I wanted to try making something super sweet, so out came the sewing machine!I wish I could tell you what I was making, but that would ruin the surprise. I will just have to post after the holidays!

Well that is it for my update. I hope you enjoyed the process along with me.

Have a fantastic day!

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