Monday, November 30, 2009

Can it snow yet?

Hello friends!

I have sure been the little creative busy bee! I spent the weekend making LOTS of creative projects in different media! It was really exciting to be working in so many different things. I had projects where I had to be sitting at a table and others I could do sitting on my couch under a blanket. I wish I could fill you in on more, but I don't want to ruin the surprises since THEY could be reading this too!

Remember when I was freaking out about my desk? Yeah, this is what it looked like!Ok so many of you probably like to work in piles like this, me, not so much! This is SCARY! I actually had to dig underneath stuff to find things. Ugh! You can see some pretty boxes I picked up at Michael's, the mini cards by my phone and the pretty ornament stickers that you can't really tell what they are. Under the crap you can see some Christmas beads, which also won't be apparent unless you knew what they were! lol I told you it was SCARY!

So you are probably waiting to see what is new in the shop since you noticed I didn't blog on Friday. I did, however, list an item if you were checking up on me!


Oh winter! Where are you? I swiped this pic from the internet. I was needing a wintery background picture for my desktop. Now THIS is what I'm talking about...I totally swiped this from the net, so if this is your pic, thanks for taking such a beautiful pic and sharing it :D How does this relate to the listing? Well this set was inspired by the cool crispness of winter. Pale aqua blue and creamy vanilla ivory in designs with twists and dotties.Isn't it SOOO PRETTY? I am not usually all about Ivory, but wow does it work in this set!

SALE! This dainty little pair of earrings would go perfectly with the set above so I decided to put this baby on a little sale. Ultra fine sterling silver chain holds a teeny swirly aqua spacer. At the top an opaly pacific blue crystal connects it all finished off by my FAVORITE earring hooks with the teeny sterling silver ball.

Today's SNEAK PEEK item was actually supposed to go up on Friday, but SURPRISE I was BUSY so it didn't make it online. As the color of fall is finally starting to fade I snuck these little guys in with the late harvest set of wing dings. This funky little pair is on a base of ochre yellow with freckles of olive green. This shape is always fun for so many designs. I think these would make a funky little pair of earrings.
Per usual my plate is way full with things to do. I need to go get some beads made today. When I am done I am going to hang out with my friend Tina and teach her how to knit! Lol It IS contagious especially when it's 39 degrees outside and you are working with snuggly soft bamboo fibers :D

I will try to get some pictures edited for tomorrow's blog so you can at least see the second scarf I knitted! I am already onto another! I TOLD you... Obsessed, I think! It is really nice to have a creative project that you can take along with you anywhere and one that you can just mindlessly work on :D

Well I am off! Have to make more beads for the show!!

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



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