Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday business and new projects

Hello friends!

Wow, has it gotten dusty around here in my absence? Is "busy" just another word to describe my EVERY day? You may also feel the hussle and bussle of the outside world around you. I do, even in the comfort of my very safe and quiet home. I have been here, but just working on projects, holiday things, and even a hooky day! I sat and knitted ALL DAY! You wouldn't have guessed though since I am STILL not done with my scarf! Want to see what I've been up to??

Fall/Winter always seems like the season for animal print stuff and colors so that is what is in the shop today! I have a "Sheena Jungle Princess" tiger button clasp and a "Safari" Florbital up for grabs. Both have root beer topaz brown, ivory, and black.

Today's sale item is one of my fun little Love, Peace & Flower Power sets. Bright colors of: pink, lime, red, yellow and white make up the color palette.

Here is what I did with a set of them. You will notice that the glass flower bead didn't make it into the design, but I managed to sneak in a sterling silver daisy instead! >:DWHAT ELSE IS NEW??...

In my travels I got to stop by Indigo Wild to make some jewelry repairs. Look what the sent home with me! Mmmmmm! Frankincense & myrrh, Almond and Sweet Orange Zum bars, a lavender and tea tree oil Zum kiss, and some Zum Rub for sore muscles!

Here are those pictures I promised of my first knitting project and my current scarf!Ok so this one is acrylic on bamboo needles. What can I say? Walmart was the only place open and they don't carry wool! I did ditch this poor project for the time being. You know me, I LOVE color and just HAD to get my hands on the variegated colorful stuff!Oh yeah! That's more like it! Mmmm color! The acrylic needles and wool blend fiber made it SO much easier to cruise along! I am on my second skein and still knitting along to the desired length! Both of these were made using the "garter" stitch(I didn't teach myself how to purl yet ;)

Speaking of scarf! Look what my friend, Ashley brought me back from Cambodia! Isn't it beautiful?! What a sweet girl!

You all know how I LOVE show-and-tell. Well my friend Kim dazzled me with her pretty BLING fringe bracelets she made using my beads!
Halloween designs.
The lone lavender bracelet. Why did this one get the super "spot light"? Well the glass color shifts to a blue hue in fluorescent lighting!

Like what you see huh? Well you may be in luck! Kim is thinking about selling her wares! I will keep you posted as to where they will be available when she gets that all worked out ;)

WOW! Is it already almost 4pm? Ricky will be off to school soon and I will be in the studio in the dark making Christmas beads ;) The days get so dark so early, don't they?! I figured if I didn't give you all an update soon you would divorce me! So I hope you enjoyed my week :)

See you soon!

Much love,



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