Thursday, November 12, 2009

A darker hue

Hello friends!

I am excited about the NEW beads I will be listing in the shop today. I had gotten them made the day before the show, but didn't get a chance to list them until today.


Why don't we start out with the inspiration picture for the beads below?As most of you know RED has been my arch nemesis for many years? Why? Well I can't wear it having red hair. I can pull of the dark scarlet, but no BRIGHT red for me! Yuck! Anyways, with the picture above you will notice red snuck it's way into this set. A rich cool color palette in hues of: bordello red, bright red, moss green, grass green, amethyst and blue violet are designed in bullseyes of stacked transparents dots. Encircled around each stack is a set of bumply dotties on the front. Back is freckled with smooth dots for comfort while wearing.
Today's SNEAK PEEK item is another stacked encircled dot lentil. A large opaque dot of red sits in the center with a cane dot heart in colors of hot pink and pastel pink. A mirror bubble is underneath the heart allowing it to catch the light just right. Dotties of lime and pea soup green accent the rings. The base is teal green(which is actually more brilliant green than the picture shows) with lime freckles on the back. The back is smooth for comfort while wearing.


Today's sale item is a citrus colored fringe in colors of: yellow, orange and green!


Want to see what mom made with one of my class beads? I thought you might ;)

Here is a shot of our table display at the Bead Renaissance show we just did this past weekend.
Look at the refreshments Stephanie provided Ricky for the show! LOL! They were pretty tasty too! You can't go wrong with curry and coconut!

I have a few things left to make for some gifts and an order to fill before moving on to some more work. So that is what's on the agenda for today.

The boys are getting tools to do surgery on my car. Cross your fingers and toes and say your prayers for them! I hope they can get it back up and running by this evening. It sure does suck to be stuck without a car!

Well I should get going down to the studio!

Later today Holly and I are going shopping. We are going to attend a fashion and burlesque show here in KC on Sat night while the boys are gaming. I think we are getting the better deal!

Talk with you soon.

Much love,



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