Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nice people and beautiful beads!

Hello friends!

Ahhh now I have some more time to hang out with you without being rushed. So how have you been doing? Oh yeah? That's good. Yeah, I'm pretty groovy, thanks for asking ;)

So I got my testing done which really relaxes me! Holy crap did I make some HUGE beads! They are SO ROUND too. Whoa! Believe it or not, this is actually Pulsar by Creation is Messy. Unfortunately my camera doesn't like to photograph this color very well.

I guess I am kind of doing this basackwards huh? So I guess I will move on to listings and then some more good stuff. I mean what if you just came on here to see what was new in the shop and had to wade through all this madness?


Some LIME and AQUA, BABY! Yum-my! My 2 absolute favorite colors together! First off is another "Happy Candy" set called "Radioactive". It is full of SUPER BRIGHT yellow limes, swampy green, liquid aqua and turquoisey blue! This is one of my favorite sets because it has all of my favorite things like: a heart, a lentil with a heart on top, a lentil with a raked daisy on top, a triangle bead, a poked-eye bead, a dotty, bubbly cone, some dotty spacers, and a love flower daisy clasp! Can you imagine a bracelet with this fabulous set?!

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is lime and aqua as well, but much more simple. "Lime Peel" comes with 2 tealy green based spacers with yellow lime dots and a super SWIRLY heart with light aqua freckles! You know if you got both sets you could have a fab bracelet, earrings and a pendant! Holy wow, huh?! ;)
Today's sale item is a SUPER BRIGHT lentil fringe with:orange, yellow green, lime green, perwinkle, turquoise and baby blue!

One of my favorite things about making beads is show-and-tell! I LOVE it when people send me show-and-tell creations they made with my beads! Look what Jan Dee's did with a set of my falling leaves wing dings and falling leaves etched lentils!

Here is a set that she made with my Sun Drenched pendant! Didn't she do an amazing job?!

Thanks for sharing, Jan!

For those of you that don't know Jan, she is seriously one of the NICEST people I have had the pleasure of knowing! She is always so kind and creative!

Oh BUMMER :( My hubby just came and told me that our radiator BLEW UP! My poor car! Ugh... *sigh*

So I guess on that note I should be off to go check out the situation further...

See you soon.

Much love,



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