Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back in a minute

Hello friends!

Wow! I am quite literally "UP TO MY ASS IN ALLIGATORS,"as my mom would say! Not only am I busily working on stuff for the show, I have more testing to do, a blog and order for Art Beads, and Christmas gifts! Did I mention that the beads I made for the last 2 days are still soaking on my table which is now unrecognizable due the amount of CRAP that has accumulated on top!

The cool thing about all of the "crap" that is on my desk is that some of it is: Christmas beads that are un-cleaned, a box of 30 mini cards(a HUGE hip-hip-horay to Michaels for fulfilling that need for me since NO ONE else had them, and for only $3.99!), super pretty ornament stickers for the new mini cards, snowman bags for Etsy items, and super AWESOME origami style gift boxes from Michael's!

Crap! I got side tracked again! I need to take some photographs before the sun light fades! BRB


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