Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zum bars and winter buddies

Hello friends!

Just a quick shop update for today. I am busy making Zum bars for my favorite KC soapy girls(and boys). I really enjoy making their soap bars. I was inspired to make them one rainy day and the rest is history. I made a bracelet for Emily the owner of Indigo Wild and was super excited to gift her with it!

Winter, winter, winter this week! Today's first listing is a full body penguin. This little guy likes to slide on the ice in the south pole when he isn't busy doing whatever it is that penguins do! He has a black body with flippers and a tail, a white tummy and mask and yellow beak and feet.

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a little Penguin head girl named "Nadia". She is on a smooth black lentil base with a white mask, yellow beak, pink cheeks, and a blue frosty rose on her head.
Well I am going to go get to it in the studio. See you later for the late listing on Etsy.

Have a fantastic day.

Much love,



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