Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday cheer and scarves

Hello friends!

The weather is fantastically gloomy today! It's COLD too! A chilly 39 degrees today with rain! I like the snuggle in your warm house weather! I figured since it was cold I would go ahead and list some more holiday items!


Today's first item is a set of 5 round beads in colors of: tomato red, grass green and white. These holiday colors always make me think of spearmint and cinnamon. You know like EVERY store smells like that this time of year! lol

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a fun little set called "Bi-polar". This fun little pun set features a white polar bear face (polar) with 2 big snowy bear paws(bi) and little white lentils with black paw prints in the snow. How freak'in cute is that?!

On sale today is a set of Daisy Vine earrings called "Cranberry Citrus". Juicy fuchsia and tangerine orange flowers are decorated with pink fiber vines with orange leaves.


Well I had to come up with another creative thing to do that wasn't "work" just for fun. I have always loved knitted things so I thought I would give that a try. I bought one of those horridly named "... for dummies" books. I mean normally I wouldn't have paid to get a book that called me an idiot, but I am a sucker for deals and It WAS a dollar! I mean you can't beat that with a stick right? I picked it up for a buck at Target in their $1- $2.50 section. The book was pretty easy to follow. I am a picture person so I read the text and just ended up learning from the pictures. I will have to take a picture of my scarf so you all can see my progress.

I sat down on the couch and tried to use some other fuzzy fibers I had collected on sale awhile back, but as to make my learning easier I thought picking a regular single colored fiber would be best for my first project. By the time I got out to the store Hobby Lobby was closed so I had to try Walmart. Unfortunately Walmart no longer sells wool, so I had to settle for acrylic. Now acrylic is pretty cheap so that was cool, but it squeaks when you work with it and I had wondered if wool was somehow greasier or something coming from a sheep coat and all. I dunno, but I still think I will go to some wool as soon as I finish my first scarf. I decided to just go long with it instead of being picky. I figured it's a learning scarf and it will probably suck, but I figured by the time I got to the end I would be a pro for my next scarf! I might just teach myself to purl! lol

The dogs are restless today. I think they totally pout when they have to sit indoors for most of the day. They don't understand what a PITA it is to wipe all the mud off of 8 paws when they return indoors! Poor kids! :(

I got most of my other projects wrapped up so I am on to making orders today. Tomorrow I will use for some other new stuff. I still need to make a few more Christmas things so I should probably get on that with a quickness too.

Well as always, I must be off.

Have a great day!

Much love,



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