Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally Friday

Hello friends!

Yes, you may have noticed the blog is late, but the listings were right on time ;) I spent the morning editing pictures, doing listings and getting some other little things done. I needed to fill a time slot before getting my chiropractic adjustment today.

It was AMAZING! I always feel so great when I leave Dr. Schultz office! We got to check out his new office over at Briar Cliff. His practice is in the M&I Bank building(it's the one with the clock tower) on the 3rd floor. He got such a lovely spot. You can see all of Briar Cliff village from his office window. It will be so pretty when they get the Christmas lights all lit up!

Well before I ramble off too long I bet you came to see what was new in the shop!


I have an Emerald green iridescent dagger pendant to offer first. This bead was made with gorgeous double helix silver glass! The photo just doesn't do it justice. It's hard to capture all of the color and shine in silver glass.

Today's second item was a frosty snowflake lentil. It is on a base of pale aqua with a white snowflake on the front. The snowflake is accented with blue transparent dots and clear sticky outy(that is the technical term!) dots. The bead was then acid etched to give it a lovely satiny finish and frosted look.

Today's sale item is a Love & Harmony ring. You all know how much I adore the tinkle of bells. This sweet little ring has a teensy lime green and turquoise freckled heart, a small green Czech heart, a tinkly base metal bell and a ocean blue green swarovski crystal!WHAT ELSE IS NEW?...

Oh did you notice the new format I did on Etsy? I tried Daniellexo's suggestion for your description area of your listing. The listing I did this format on was the Snowflake bead. You can follow the link to see what you think. Please leave me some feedback :)

I was busy making new GB cards to laminate today. It turns out I have used ALL of the cards I have made! I really like tying them to the back of a nice solid card. It makes them look so finished :)

Ricky went out with BIG Mike and Brandon to get a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. It looks like I am seriously going to be the only one without them! Boo! :( Maybe Santa will bring me some! ;)

I can't believe it is getting so dark. I don't know that it even feels like November. I mean it was what 65 today? WTF? Pretty sure that isn't exactly fall/winter weather. Meh...

I got a few other straggler beads finished. You know those are the kind where you need to make one of this style for that project and you need to make one of those for that other project. It is kind of distracting to me to switch gears with each bead. I decided to start the happy candy set I need to make on Monday. I figure this way I can clean off my table and prep everything before I work. It always seems to be much easier for me and I really like to just sit down and start working instead of cleaning rods, pulling stringers and doing all that prep stuff.

Melissa and Levi are coming over tonight. I guess they should be here soon. I suppose I should go and straighten up a bit before they get here.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,



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