Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back in business!

Hey all!

I am finally back in business! The internet is finally up at my house! HORAY!

I had a SUPER FANTASTIC 29th b-day! It was filled with friends, fun, and great deserts! Thanks to everyone for my gifts and sharing my special day with me! *muah*

I had a few days of playing with new glass, so I don't have a ton of new stuff made yet, but I will be working on new items next week.

I have to make a ton of new and amazing beads and jewelry for my photo shoot! My awesome friend Nicole is going to take a photo shoot for me of all of my jewelry, studio and myself! I am really excited.

We will be using these new pictures for my featured artist article for Soft flex in April 2009! These pictures will also be used for the winter Women in glass issue by the flow magazine in winter 08/09! I am very excited!

I also just found out that my necklace that was published in Beadwork mag in '05 has been featured in the Creative Jewelry '08 Magazine! the necklace was renamed from "Mod Pod," to "Destinations." Very COOL!

Well I should get going. Tonight is my friend Stephanie's batchlorette party! See you all soon!

Much love,



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