Thursday, July 31, 2008

Creation is Messy Pink Champagne color test

Hey all! Here are some of my findings from testing CiM Pink Champagne.

Kandice Seeber did a really amazing blog on this color as well. Her blog is . You would be surprised at the difference in color of our test beads.

I talked with Kathy from Creation is Messy about this crazy phenomenon and she was saying that the glass looks different due to "
monitors, lighting, working styles and atmospheres, and even individual perception".

B1- Amber Rose
B2- Pink Champagne
B3- Sepia
B1- Pink Champagne
B2- Pink champagne over white.
B3- Pink Champagne over pink.
B1- Pink Champagne etched
B2- Pink Champagne
B1- Pink Champagne with silver leaf
B2- Pink Champagne
B1- Pink Champagne encased with Lauscha clear and Dark rose dots
B2- Pink Champagne encased with CIM clear
B3- Pink Champagne

I hope you all enjoyed my little blip on this amazing glass.

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