Friday, September 11, 2009

Catching up

Hello friends!

Holy crap! Has the whole week gone by with only one blog from me? Wow! I guess I was super busy! As you may have noticed I did get some things listed this week.


I will be listing some pendants coming up! It may be several days next week. These pendants are inexpensive and great for gifts! Yep, Christmas season will be coming soon!

Today I have some ORANGE and Whoa baby! is it BRIGHT!

First is a sweet little 14mm tangerine lentil with pink squiggles, swirls and spots!

Next is one of my pop art ducky's inspired by my pop art poster!
Here is the poster.


I know it's been awhile so I have some other fun pictures for you as well.

Look who came to visit on my hibiscus. It was a female. She was brown instead of that really bright lime green. They are such crazy looking bugs!

Kayla and Leeloo got baths. After he bath Kayla was found napping in a cute little wet ball.

She was also previously sleeping on the ottaman while Ricky sat on the chair. She woke up when I tried to get the picture. She did end up crawling down to the floor and then continuing to sleep there instead, which wasn't as cute, but still pretty cute!

Who's the cutest pumping EVER? Well next to Leeloo of course! Yep, it's KAYLA!

*dies* Oh God! Isn't she cute? We especially like calling her name and having her look at us!


Oh I don't remember if you all got to see the finished set of "Arizona Sunset" beads that my friend Jan bought.
Here is what Jan made with them!

Pretty huh? I like the contrast of shiny crystals and matte glass :)

Well that is all for now....

Have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,



Ashley said...

Kayla is so stinking cute! I want a puppy :(.

Genea said...

She IS, isn't she?! You can share ours :)

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