Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maybe BIGGER is better

Hello friends!

Just a late night update... I told Kim that I would post these when they were done since I was teasing her!

If you don't know my friend Kim is always saying to me "Could you make that BIGGER"? Well you asked for it, Kim! So with her in mind I went for BIGGER!Just so you have an idea just how much BIGGER these guys are than my normal size beads I have taken a picture of both of them in my hand.

Now it would only be fair if I offered these first BIG babies to Kim. So, Kim has first dibs.

The next two people that can call dibs are Billie and Jan. If they aren't all gone by then I will offer them up to everyone else!

All of the BIG Halloweenies are $30ea.

I hope you enjoyed the BIGGER side of beads!

Much love,



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