Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some more Halloween!

Hello friends!

Another busy day in September! I went out with my friend Stephanie for happy hour. You know, I think that was the first time I have officially been to a happy hour! It was pretty awesome!


So if you were up late enough you may have noticed I did get some things listed late last night. I will post them in here first incase you missed them.

First I have a "Phat Bat" pendant. These little guys were one of my new designs last year. I just love how chubby they are. Their little eyes are so funny too. They look so confused! Their base is super shiny black(Tuxedo by CiM. Have I mentioned how this is my FAVORITE black?! ) with lime green and black eyes.

Next I have "The Black Cauldron", this was also a new design using one of my favorite shapes, a lentil. The base is super shiny black(Tuxedo by CiM) with ultra bright yellow green boiling witch's brew!

Today I have a piece of Violet candy with orange spots made on a super comfy tab base.

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a "Violet Emo Skull Flower" button. This baby is shiny violet and black with an ivory skull on the face of the button and violet freckles on the shank.SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW?...

Well, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN! That is what is on the agenda this week. Then next week I may try to get a few more sets made before the show.

I can't believe the show is just around the corner!

So is my sister's wedding! We just did her bridal shower( I will have some pics of the SUPER pretty decorations we had). I have to go with my sis to check out the venue and do some mock table decorations to see how everything is going to look. Then on Sat we are going to the farmer's market to check out flowers. I guess they had some really beautiful bouquets for only like $10 each. We thought about getting some for the wedding the day before and just keeping them in water buckets until the wedding. If that doesn't end up working out my friend, Melissa is going to help us arrange some. We only need 2 bouquets so that shouldn't be too bad.

Well I must get going. Lots to do and not enough time!

Have a fantastic fall day.

Much love,



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