Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beads, decorations and fruits from the garden

Hello friends!

Well if you didn't read on FB or my tweets, I wasn't feeling well and took the day off. Today I am feeling a bit better so I am back to my daily routine.


First I have a black and white pendant to offer. The pendant base is white with black dots and white poked flowers with bubbles trapped in the centers. Little bumply black dots make a line inbetween the windows . A black matte flower and white alabaster crystal dangle from a ball headpin.

Next I have another one of my favorite beads to make, black and white triangle beads for the SNEAK PEEK item. This pair has a black base with white triangles, black melted in dots and white bumply dots. These would make a fantastic pair of earrings!


Here are those photos I promised from the other day :)
Daisies are my absolute favorite flowers, Gerbera daisies to be exact, but I love all daisies :D My sis' friend Whitney had the shower at her house and had 4 vases of these lovely flowers. Flowers really do make a house feel homey :)Here is a close-up of the flowers.

Whitney also had some gorgeous paper lanterns all over. She was going to throw them away so I took two sets like this picture. One is behind my computer, and the other is in the bedroom in the corner by my tv. She also gave me 2 sets of 10 teeny round ones in light pink and orange. I have yet to find a place for them, but they won't go to waste! :D

I think paper lanterns must be good Feng Shui because they just make me feel good when I sit by them. I think it's the bright colors too :) I do kind of miss my chick in the headphones pic that I could view from my desk, but I think the lanterns are peaceful :)

This is just a small offering of the tomatoes I picked the other day. Our tomato plants are offering us tomatoes daily. I go and pluck the red, and yellow tomatoes and the ones that are orange that day usually turn red by the next. I wouldn't say that the tomatoes are over running my life like everyone warned, but it's really cool to go pick fresh veggies daily from the garden.

I won't lie, it sure is a lot of work watering them all! Now that the tomatoes are full of fruit they need SO much water. I don't even know that they are getting enough, but I water them as quickly as possible cause the mosquitoes love to eat me! It really does make caring for my plants pretty miserable. Next year we are putting in a drip system or something cause watering everything with large buckets kind of sucks. I also want to build a green house. I figure that will keep my plants safe from bugs, and diseases and all that stuff, that and then I can garden year round. I mean wouldn't it be cool if you were picking tomatoes in December with snow on the ground? I thought so ;)


Well I am behind on what I wanted to do for Halloween, so more Halloween stuff today. It's getting pretty popular too. I am pretty much having them put on hold the second I make them so I just have to keep making more ;) I want to make sure I have a nice selection for my show as well.

Well I should be off....

Have a fantastic day!

Much love,



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