Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Monet's modern paints

Hello friends!

Did you miss me? Well I was out with my girlfriends enjoying life. I was busy the last two days spending time with friends and running errands. Eventhough I didn't blog if you were paying close attention you might have noticed that I did infact post on Etsy! >:D You know I like to keep you all on your toes from time to time. ;)


Today I have one of my CUTE pink emo skull flower button clasps! I figured I had that set of emo skull beads in pink up for grabs so why not include a clasp to compliment them?!

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a violet emo bone set that is etched! This cute little bone looks like it has a tuxedo on or something doesn't it? Maybe it's the contrast of the ivory and black with the purple dot?NEW TECHNIQUE....

All beads below were made with frit and frit blends from Iron Mountain. You can check out their frit by visiting

So remember when I was talking about a new kind of technique I had tried out? Well I finally have some finished products! I did a little bit of mixing of colors and frit to get this super STREAKY painterly stringer.Here were my first attempts. The yellow base bead was my first trial. It started out saying "Dream in Color". Unfortunately the "r" ended up looking like a "n", that would actually make it say "Dream in Colon" LMAO. Funny huh? I was excited to find that my idea had infact worked and tried the same thing on a base of white in the bead on the bottom. One side says "Color" the other says "Art". I also did dots of color to check out how it looked. While pulling out working stringers for designs I found I got different colors based on the part of stringer I had pulled. The super sweet thing about it is that the color changes from the first pull to the last producing a myriad of painterly, streaky colors! Pretty cool find huh? I found that the thicker the stringer was the more defined the streaks and color appear. Using different color backgrounds seems to change the look as well.
I thought since white worked out well that I would try a base of Vetrofond odd Lemon Ice. It looks kind of yellow translucenty in the rod, but ends up looking and reacting more like Ivory. As you can see I used the same prepared stringer on these beads as the ones above, but the base color has effected how it looks. I called this set "mud puddles" since I got some pretty streaky color, but got some brown mud tones as well. I rather like the name and beads eventhough I didn't get the results I had expected from the glass. The frit used on this bead is "Monet's not Everything."
**Just as a warning, you may not get the same look if you use the same things. I did add in some other mixing besides just the frit.**

The next idea was using that same frit and color mixed stringer using "Monet's not Everything" on a base of Moretti white. My original idea was to have the plain frit dots on one side and then have the streaky stringer coming out of the speckles. I ended up thinking some twists and just plain frit dots might be fun and this is what came out. Notice the intensity and difference of the colors since I used a base of white.

After making the beads on white I had wondered what other subtle color I could use as a base that would compliment the colors of yellow, green, purple, browns and more from my stringer. Again this stringer is mixed color + "Monet's not Everything". The base of these beads is Moretti lavender. The stringer even has a different look on this base as well! Pretty cool huh?

Here is the set I made for Billie's birthday using Reichenbach's opal bright pink.

Well other than my latest color finds I still have a TON of ideas in my head. I just don't seem to have the time for all of them. I have made a list and I am working on one at a time until I get all of these ideas out. I am also busily working on beads for my upcoming show at Bearden's Stained Glass on Sept 26th! Don't forget to mark your calendar's and stop on by!

Well it's that time again...

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