Thursday, August 27, 2009

One last heart and super soapy suds!

Hello friends!


Did you notice this morning? I did still do the early listing, but I didn't blog, tweet, or post anything on fb. Why? Well I ended up getting lunch with mom and running a few errands.

I have one last "Grow with Love" pendant to offer this week. "Lemon Zinger" is sure to delight those with a love of yellow! Zippy lemon yellow base is freckled with spots of aqua on a teal vine with deep blue and aqua seeds and leaves. This is the ONLY pendant that got the darker vine. Why? Well, I ran out of the darker leaves! I had a few in that particular color from a mixed glass bead bag and they are GONE! So if this one is YOUR colors you had better snag it before someone else does ;)

Today's SNEAK PEEK listing is another Lemon yellow opaque heart pendant with a droppy knotty bail and fringies out of the bottom. Fun right?!

Do you like this better? I figured if you were looking for certain topic in the blog you could scroll quickly through the parts that didn't interest you. This kind of breaks everything down so if you just want to check the listings, read about my glass discoveries or just read about my every day life you can be quickly directed by the heading. COOL!


So if you havn't already caught it on my tweets or FB posts I finally revealed my SURPRISE GIFT! You know how I LOVE the Zum bars from Indigo Wild? Well just last Wednesday when I realized Indigo Wild was on Twitter I began following their tweets. I watched a fantastic blip on a local KC station about the Indigo Wild factory on The power of KC.
I was thinking about how f*ing sweet it would be to make glass Zum bars and make them into a bracelet for the owner, Emily Vogt. I pulled out my trusty Indigo Wild catalog and brought it downstairs to my studio. Hours later I pulled out 8 little Zum Bars! After cleaning them I began designing them into a fanciful little bracelet. My dear friend, Melissa donated the fabulous Hill Tribe silver beads that she picked up at our very own, Bead Boutique and the super phatty clasp is from Bokamo Designs! Are you ready for AWESOME????

I knew I did a good job of matching up the colors when the everyone at the factory was naming off each bar! I did what anyone else would do... I did the whole fist pull down elbow with an enthusiastic "YESSSS" motion! LOL. Dude... it was exciting, ok? lol

So I think that is it for now. I have some more pictures to take of those frit studies I was doing. Stay tuned!

Much love,



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