Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HOT, HOT, HOT pink and green

Hello friends!

I have some yummy pink and lime items for you today!

First off I have another Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon Heart called "Watermelon". Vibrant HOT pink starts at the center swirled in a lime green twirl. A generous amount of clear is wrapped over the top and freckled with pink. On the top sits a hot pink and lime green freckled raked heart. Ribbons of teal,grass green, and lime green ruffle up the sides.

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a Passion Heart called "Cranlime". This little baby is made out of fantastic Bullseye glass. The base is a nice ruby pink with a streaky medium pink heart on top. Flames of a streaky earthy green and brown run up the sides.

Wow! Well I totally didn't end up working on that other technique I had planned on. Instead I ended up being inspired by my FAVORITE Zum bar soap that is local to Kansas City! I can't yet reveal more details as it is a surprise! I will post pictures as soon as I am able.

I will be spending the afternoon with Melissa so I don't know if I will be getting things made this afternoon. It looks like it has stopped raining for the time being.

See you soon.

Much love,



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