Monday, August 10, 2009

NEW design revealed!

Hello friends!

Well are you totally ready for that new design I was promising? Presenting "Grow with Love" pendants! Seeds of are planted and when they grow leaves emerge, fruit of love grows next and scatters it's seeds of love for all to share!Well this is pretty much a teaser to keep you all waiting to get your hands on one! I have decided to make this week all HALLOWEEN! These little babies will be offered up on Etsy next week so be sure to stay tuned for listings of these FABULOUS NEW pendants!

So moving on to today's HALLOWEEN listings I have a set and focal bead for you!

Add some SPOOKY sparkle to your designs with this set of Halloween colored beads!

LOOKING for EVIL? Find it with this EVIL EYE focal!

Want to see what else I was working on "behind the scenes" this weekend? I was busily making Genea Beads cards to back all of my pendants, earrings and rings on these NEW cards! I will do a longer post of the process of these fabulous NEW cards! Don't forget to check out my last posting on my card RECYCLING program!

I also have some fun new discoveries that I will save for a later post. It looks like I am going out with mom to price stuff for Nina's wedding and look for some fabric for my bridesmaid dress.

Have a fabulous day!

Much love,



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