Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New items, fritatistic testing and plants!

Hello friends!

Ok where do I start?! I have some wonderful things to share today like listings, my plants, and a fun new pendant. So I guess I will start out with listings incase I decide to ramble on about my other things...

Today I am offering another one of my eye beads from my Eyegasm series called "Cranberry Surge". Wow! Can we say COLORFUL? The base is an electric hot pink with layers of raked lime greens accented with a sparkly silver foil bubble button iris. The sides are all bumply in lavender dotties.

Today's SNEAK PEEK listing is another set of Fuchsia Flashes lentils. The first set was so pretty I decided to make another. Again, ELECTRIC colors! Wow! This fantastic mix of colors makes a fabulous flashing fuchsia accented with lime green freckles! Yum! Wouldn't these two listings go together into a lovely bracelet with the eye bead as a toggle dangle?!
Ok so how about next we go to my plants? Sweet... So here is my very FIRST veggie from the garden! Isn't it cute?! I was so excited. I guess I could have waited until it got bigger, but Melissa said if I picked it the next ones would grow bigger. Even if that doesn't end up happening I was still really excited!!
Remember when I told you earlier that I had repotted my hibiscus just when spring hit? Remember when I told you I was sad that it had grown, but not gotten any blooms on it this year? Look what surprised me this morning!!

Just so you can see how big the bloom is, I used my hand as a size representative.
I just LOVE hibiscus' so I took another side picture of my beautiful plant!
Now for some new designing. I have just been asked to be a tester for That Frit Girl so I did some testing. Here is a pendant done with the Iron Mountain mix- A Fern Hand. Isn't it PRETTY?!
I even figured out a *SECRET* technique while playing with the glass. I did some more experimenting and think I may be on to something. I think my testing from yesterday was half successful. I got some good color, but my base color wasn't the best. I think I will do some more experimenting today to see if I can perfect my new technique! Woo hoo!

Well I must be off per usual. Lots to do!

Much love,



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