Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wheels and Ruffles

Hello friends!

Wow! Who knew it was going to be a lime and pink week? I guess I didn't notice as I was taking pictures this past weekend.

Today I have one of my Wishing Wheel sets called "Watermelon", for obvious reasons ;) "Watermenlon" features a three part set full of texture and whimsy. Stack all three or use separately for a myriad of designs. Colors are HOT pink, pastel pink and LIME!Isn't this a FANTASTIC picture? I love the way I got some color reflection on the bead and on the shiny white surface of my table.

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a "Pomgrapelime" Ruffle Daisy made out of the fabulous Bullseye odd lot glass! I know you all always see me put fabulous or whatever in front of my description for Bullseye glass, but there is just something really unique about it's color that is just breath taking. Ruffle Daisy starts out with a streaky lime center embraced by streaky grape and streaky pomegranate.
I can't wait to post a picture of my *secret* gift! I am SO excited with the way it turned out! I forget if I already told you, but we will be dropping off the gift after Tuesday next week. You can expect pictures after then.

I am not sure what I will make today. Again, I have tons of ideas bouncing around in my head. This cool weather sings fall to me calling out for deep woodsy brown beads.

I still want to go back and so some more perfecting of my new technique and I am still trying to conquer those orange and purple beads for Aleta's earring pair. Eep!

Well I am off to the studio to create!

Much love,



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