Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grown with Love pendants and more sunset sky color studies

Hello friends!

I have 2 more "Grow with Love" pendants for you today! Today's early listing is a classic black and white pendant. This will be great to go with all of those outfits!

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a "Grow with Love" pendant called "Blueberry". This heart features a deep denim blue with red freckles.

COLOR STUDIES.... and now on to the AWESOME! So you remember the color studies I did the other day? Well I completed the set by swapping the colors all around. This time I got the before and after pictures of the shiny and etched beads! Go grab a cup of coffee or a drink and sit and enjoy this with me.Ok on this picture you can see M odd Mango Coral and CiM Heffalump. On the left is the shiny picture and on the right is the etched. Aren't they PRETTY?! I get so freaked about etching, not because I don't like etched beads( I actually LOVE them), but because sometimes they are so pretty shiny! As you can see etching also dulls the color. So if you want more of a soft muted look to your beads you can etch them.In this picture you can see Vetrofond odd Orange Sherbet and M Dark Lavender. Isn't it amazing how the color changed when etched? Did you know that you can make transparents opaque? How you ask? Well if you etch the transparent becomes opaque! What a concept huh? So when you are creating you can also take that into account. Often when I get ideas I think in opaque colors so this just helps me along if I can't find an opaque that matches what I see in my mind. Does this mean I don't love transparents? Oh God, no. I LOVE transparents as well, I just seem to think in opaques.
When flipping colors around eventually the oranges and purples will touch in a bead together. So you might be wondering just what the color difference is between these two colors right? On the left is Vetrofond odd Orange Sherbet and on the right is M odd Mango Coral. Orange Sherbet is actually more pastel. When it is worked you will get some areas that are struck more than others with some color variation. The same is true with the Mango Coral except this particular batch has a lot of pink and orange variations that I just LOVE!

Again, here we are with the colors touching. On the left is CiM Heffalump and on the right is M Dark Lavender. Can you see why I love these 2 colors so much?! Heffalump is such a fantastic lavender. It has a perfect saturation of color eventhough it is pastel. Another little hint. Did you know that if there are imperfections in your rod like scratches and things that when you etch they disappear? Pretty sweet huh?! As many of you know M Dark Lavender tends to be full of scratches and imperfections, which is a total bummer!

Well that completes my blog for today. I hope you enjoyed learning some more things about glass.

Much love,



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