Monday, August 10, 2009

Horay for bartering!

Hello friends!

Are you an artist? Do you love to barter for your work as well as sell it? I do! My friend Stacey of Oh Wow! Balloon Boutique here in KC is trading me 100 GB buttons for this blue glass balloon dog bead that will be made into a pendant! Pretty cool huh?!Ok so seriously, solve this mystery for me cause I totally don't get it... Ok so why do other artists get weird when you ask to trade? Is it because they don't feel like their work is good enough to trade? Is it because they don't think your work is good enough to trade for theirs? Is it because they are offended that you ask for a trade instead of buying it? Is it because they really need money at the moment instead of trading because the economy is bad?

I just figured artists of all people would be totally into the art of bartering. I mean didn't we found our country on it? Back in the the day people sailed on ships and traded things like spices from Asia! I guess I am totally down with it because I LOVE art, I love trading things I made from my heart for other things made by someone else's heart, I am a hippy, and sometimes money is scarce when art is abundant yanno? Just for the record this is in NO way directed at any one person, so please don't be offended. I was just curious what everyone else thought. My husband CONSTANTLY tells me that "people don' t think like you, Genea." Well what do they think like then??!! lol

I will post pics of my buttons when I get them this Wed. Thanks for reading :D


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