Monday, August 10, 2009

NEW GB laminated jewelry tags!!

Hello friends!

Remember when I said I was busy doing "behind the scenes" work this weekend? Well I was busily making laminated tags! Tera (I think I have talked about her enough for you all to know who she is, if you still don't know, follow the link :D)was kind enough to send me what, around 50 sticky hang tags so I took the opportunity to GO NUTS making laminated tags to back my items! They look SO amazing and boy oh boy did I have FUN laminating things! :D

Ok so here is step 1! Since business cards are super expensive to buy backs and well I had a whole REAM of cardstock, I used cardstock to print out my cards. Next I had to measure with a ruler and draw in lines to know where to cut my cards.

Next I had to cut with scissors since I don't have a paper cutter(I had to buy the laminator first. Soon though!!).

Next you line up the cards in the little laminating pocket and put through the laminator. You then cut out the tags seperately.
Now you place the sticky tag on the back of the card in the top middle so it hangs properly.

This is what the card looks like all finished!

This is what it looks like all pimped out in GENEA BEADS! :D

Sweet Action huh?!

Ok just so everything is together. Here are the NEW rules for RECYCLING GB cards!

Ok, so heres the deal. When you purchase one of my carded items and return your laminated card with hang tag I will reward you for recycling! Not only will you be recycling this item by sending the card back to me when you are finished using it, but you will be allowing me to reuse the card AND you will get a FREE BEAD! Everyone win's right? Green planet, and free beads! What could be better?! Your free bead will be a bead that retails for at least $10 dollars. How cool is that?! I thought so! :D


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