Monday, August 17, 2009

NEW Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon and After Dark Ribbon Hearts!

Hello friends!

I have some SUPER AWESOME NEW designed hearts for you today! Introducing my Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon and After Dark Ribbon Hearts! I know you saw them awhile back when I first posted pictures, but I am happy to be offering them on Etsy!

Todays first listing is Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon Heart "Nymph". If you are a lover of greens and purples THIS is the heart for you! The inner core is a deep ink blue violet with a lavender twirl. The core is then heavily encased for loads of reflection. On top freckles of lime green cover the surface with a teal and violet freckled heart in the center. Ribbons of grass green, lime green and lavender ruffle on the sides!
The SNEAK PEEK item for today is an After Dark Ribbon Heart called "Twilight". When designing it's always cool to see where one idea leads to another. I started with the Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon designs and then wondered how they would look on black for high contrast. The After Dark Ribbon Heart was born! This little lovely has a fantastic Tuxedo black base with freckles of Smurfy(one of my NEW favs from CiM!). A streaky kiwi heart with purple freckles sits on the front with ribbons of lime green, aqua and lavender ruffle on the side. I don't think I can brag on these beads enough! They are truly amazing at which to gaze in hand!

So what's on the agenda for today? I am not sure exactly. I have a lot of ideas bouncing in my head. I made that really pretty fall set that Melissa bought called "everything nice". I don't think many got to see it before she nabbed it up! I really like that color scheme and it seems like everyone else does as well.

I also had some more heart, blooming, love designs hanging around that I think I might explore. I dunno.. So many choices...

I tried 2 more of those glass headpins with a color rolled in frit. They turned out pretty cool, but one cracked. It was either from the copper wire or the ratio of frit vs glass since the frit and glass aren't technically compatible(well at least 5%). Hmmm...

Well I must be off. Beads to make!

Much love,



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