Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catching up again...

Hello friends!

As you may have guessed this week has been pretty hectic preparing for the show. You will be happy to know that I did get some posting done today!


Today's first listing is one of my favorite combinations! The base is a lovely terra cotta and yellow ocher streaked base with some silvered ivory and raku! "Path of Life" is a lentil base that is aprox. 14mm.
The SNEAK PEEK item for today is a larger 16mm lentil pendant with the same colors and a different pattern. "Rainbow Crossed Path".


Here is a picture of the pendant that I made for my friend Stephanie. The pendant is one of my delicious pods with watermelon tourmaline and labradorite with a pretty swirly bail from bokamo designs.
This little guy was hanging out on the fence post this morning so I thought I would take a picture. If you have never seen one these bugs are called "walking sticks" cause well they look like sticks and they walk. Go figure. lol

So I have just totally become obsessed with Owl City. Their music is so dreamy and happy. I think it sounds like what the world would sound like if it was in perfect harmony. If you follow the link to their site "fireflies" is the first song that plays. That is the song that made me buy this cd and it's just lovely! The whole cd is dreamy and fantastic! I would highly recommend it :D I am listening to it as I am writing to you :) It sounds like a happier Postal Service with some Happy Hardcore lyrics and beats, but not nearly as many beats per minute.


So Ricky and I decided to do a 21 day detox cleanse. The first week you pretty much do a vegan diet, so no animal or animal bi-products. Week 2 is whole raw foods, so things like veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts. Week 3 is all juice, not that crap you get in a carton, the stuff you make in a juicer. You take fruits, veggies, sprouts, wheat grass and the like and toss them in a juicer and VOILA! It's actually surprisingly filling and good. Who knew? I think the 3rd week is going to be the hardest since you don't chew anything.

So today is day 2. Things are pretty cool. I still get to drink coffee. It's black, but I can put some drops of stevia in it so things are all groovy. You can also have tea(again the natural stuff) with agave nectar so that is warm and comforting. We have been eating this YUMMY bread by the brand Eziekel. The bread is made from sprouting everything that goes in it. We toasted it and put the pure peanut butter(its crushed peanuts, that's it!) with a few drops of agave nectar on it :D The bread is so dense and crunchy! Yum!

You can follow Ricky's blog by visiting or you can follow his tweets on Twitter by following Rfitnesscoach.

Well I must be off. Lots to do!

Much love,



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