Saturday, April 27, 2013

Turned into STONE- Shop update

Hello friends!

I am excited to share my new beads with you! Don't you love it when you really feel like you "nail" a design? I think I have finally gotten there with this technique. It's been a long frustrating process at times, but the more  you work at it, the better you get and the more you learn. It's true. The best advice I can give about lampwork is "Practice, practice, practice". It's so true. I think I learn something new every time I light my torch. 

So there was talk in some of the bead groups I am in about how it seems like no one is blogging as much anymore. The general consensus was that now people were spending more time on Facebook and Pinterest. I must say I am guilty. It is so easy to catch up on chats, photos and new work on Facebook that that is where I spend the bulk of my online time. So with that in mind, this will be a short and sweet blog. 

Here is a full shot of everything that I added to the shop today if this is where you "want to get off the ride" and get onto other things like Facebook and Pinterest ;P But, if you want to hang around you can see the larger individual images of the beads with a link and a little bit of chatter.

So I am SUPER STOKED that I can finally "nail" this stone textured design! As you can see I got some AMAZING shots of the glass as well! Thank God, cause I had just about given up. Can you believe I got these shots as the sun was setting? I don't get too much sun on our balcony during the day, but we get a bit of angled sun by the front door area. That is where I took these photos and quickly, I might add. The sun was dropping behind the roof tops quickly. Ok on to the beads!...

If you remember awhile back this is the bead I used for my friend, Kathy's necklace :)
I was kind of keeping it a secret for now, BUT.. I just shot the tutorial for this necklace! I still need to edit the photos and write up the instructions, but this is something you will see in the shop hopefully soon :D

Wing Dings- Beach Stone- "Pale Aqua"- These are already SOLD OUT! I guess these were everyone favorites ;) Don't worry... I will make more ;) 

Thanks for stopping by to see my latest creations!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Genea


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