Friday, April 12, 2013

Sacred Symbols- Yoga and Inspiration Shop Update.

Hello friends!

Well it's been an exciting past week! I may have posted that I had attended my first yoga class in about 9 years the other week. It was AMAZING to say the least. I was so inspired by my class that I did an entire run of Yoga inspired beads. Let's back pedal for a second to tell you the story ;)

So when I went to create these special beads I needed to find some pictures for inspiration.
Here you can see an 8 petaled lotus with an Om in the center.

Next I found a picture of a lotus.

Here is a picture of the Om I found. I am glad that I picked this style. If you look at the top photo you will notice the symbol is a little bit different. This is the one that spoke to me so this is the one I chose. 

I began to notice that this sacred symbol had found it's way to me on a few occasions. The bead had been gifted to me or I had chosen it for no known reason, just that it spoke to me.
Here are some of the beads I either chose or they found their way to me. I couldn't find the pewter pendant of Ganesh that had made it's way to me when I was about 17 so he is not pictured here.

From left to right and top to bottom: Polymer clay Om by Second Surf. I received this Om bead from Barbara in a trade we had done awhile back. Small metal Om- Mary Jane Dodd. This one I picked from the Art Beads Love Tour chain. The Spiral and the Triad I had picked up at a bead show. The Wisdom eyes of Buddha, Ricky had picked up for me at a bead shop in Portland, OR :) The tiny silver hamsa hands I picked up at Bokamo's home show. The bronze lotus bracelet focal I received from Staci. , and the Hamsa hand with eye I received from a friend at Christmas :) 
I thought it was interesting that all of these sacred symbols had made their way to me :)

Off to work I went working on my new run of beads.

 I made a few beads to re-stock in the shop before moving onto my new beads. There was something amazing about "drawing" the Om symbol. The strokes to make the characters were so peaceful and just flowed so well. So I did the first run of beads and then went back to tweak the design before going into a production run of beads.
Here was day 2. I was really cranking out those beads! 

One of the things I had in mind when I made these beads was to gift my yoga instructor Nici Krehbiel. I enjoyed her class so much that I wanted to make her a special something. I noticed that they jewelry she wore was very teeny so I created her a dainty set to go with her style. I am in LOVE with the sweet set I made for her!

So before I show you the beads, I will list some links so that you can read more about the symbols.
The Spirit of Water was a wonderful source for information on these sacred symbols.

You can read about the Chakra's here. You can read about the Eightfold path here.

I decided it may have been confusing which bead was which in the listings since most of them have a lotus on the front. So when I post them here you can see the front and back together.

I could have literally made these beads for days, BUT... I ran out of these glass base colors. So.. if you see something you like you may want to grab it. I am not sure when I will be able to order another haul of glass(even though I am SADLY over due!).

"Sacred Om Lotus" focal. This was actually the first design for this style focal. In the next designs I decided that I really liked the spotted raku underneath with a bold black Om. I am not sure if I will re-make this style.

"Sacred Om Lotus" small focal- I actually created this one for Nici. After I realized that she wore small jewelry I wanted to created a petite version of the focal just for her. I loved it so I made more :)

"Sacred Lotus" small focal- I created this more simplified version of the focal if just the Lotus speaks to you. 

"Sacred Om" small focal- I created this version more simplified version of the focal if just the Om speaks to you.

"Sacred Lotus" large focal in Plum- I tried a lighter color opal glass for this one. I think I like the darkest color best, but Karen told me she liked this color better ;) 

"Sacred Eightfold Path Om Lotus"- This one turned out incredible! I finally got my petals more rounded and not so sun looking. Just look at all of the colors! 

I hope you enjoyed my new designs as much as I enjoyed creating them! 



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