Tuesday, April 16, 2013

12 HOUR FLASH SALE- 25% OFF USE CODE "springclean25" AT CHECK OUT!

Hello friends!

Well I decided to do a FLASH SALE today for 12 HOURS! Use coupon code "springclean25" at check out to receive your discount off of your ENTIRE purchase! From now until MIDNIGHT in the Genea Beads shop! **EDIT** You can use this coupon code in BOTH shops! Genea C-K Jewelry!

So why this sudden sale? Well a few reasons.. 1. This Ricky having to go back to that 45 minute drive twice day eats up gas. 2. I really NEED to place a big glass order to make beads(you know it's bad when you are almost out of basics like: black, ivory, and clear)! 3. We are moving AGAIN um, TOMORROW. So what you buy I don't have to move ;) 4. We have not had a sale in a little while so why now is as good a time as any ;)

So if you have been eyeing that special bead or beads maybe now is the time to jump on in and grab some Genea Beads! 

Happy Shopping!

xo Genea


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