Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome to GeneaBeads!

Hello, my name is Genea Crivello-Knable and this is my story... It all started when I was just a child. My mom found out that I was creative at a young age. I would draw daisies around the door knobs with crayons and give my brother unexpected hair cuts. As time went on my teachers began to notice that I had a special interest in art. My 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Sheily, brought up my artistic talents to my mother. After that she began feeding my artistic appetite.I had been hanging around with a group of friends that she feared would be bad for my character. She decided to remedy this problem by introducing me to polymer clay.

At age 13 I was the youngest applicant accepted into an art show in my home town of Racine, WI.A few years earlier is when I actually got into beading. After my grandmother passed away my mother and I went on a trip to Sonoma, CA to visit her brother. We had a wonderful trip where we met very interesting people on the streets of San Fransisco. We met a lovely woman and her daughter "Star,". Star did some awesome macrame knotting around a braid in my hair including : gold thread and beads. When my mom and I were on this trip we visited local bead stores and started our collection. When we returned back home we began making jewelry.

In the following years in high school I took many classes in art. I did everything from drawing and painting to metal smithing, and fiber arts.It wasn't until I began working at the local bead shop in Kansas City, MO (Bead Boutique) that I had my first experience in glass. My boss at the time had said she was taking a class in lampworking. I couldn't believe that you could make your OWN beads! How cool is that?! I had done many techniques in beading and decided that this was the next step.Thus this lampworker was born.

I took my first class at a local bead shop and a month later I bought my hot head and basic set up. This was just 4 short years ago. I continued my training by getting many books(passing the flame, making glass beads,and beads of glass) and practice, practice, practice. I found many online sites that helped that were fat with information(,, I happily stuffed myself with all the information I could get.This brings us to now. I have since been published in a few bead magagines and online sites. I will continue my career by traveling to shows and teaching classes as well as selling my beads. I love to chat with other artists and share creative ideas. I hope to talk with you soon.

Much love,Genea


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