Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yeah, I know...

So you might have noticed... My Etsy page needs an update. I had planned on updating it after the Bead Blast show, but I decided to take on a new store in my hometown of Racine, WI instead. I have been busy with some orders and making a few more pieces for the upcoming KCEtsy show. I think I will be updating after the show and after I get back from our trip. I may get some time to upload a few things in the next few days. I dunno ;)

I need to go get some more beads made and pull some more beams today. It is really stormy and wet. A great day for being creative. My mom made me this awesome thing called a "Rainy day box," when I was little. This box contained all sorts of creative treasures including : coloring books, sequins, glue, and other fun things. I was only allowed to get this box out on rainy days. Maybe that is why I'm so creative when it is gloomy outside? Thanks for helping me make use out of all those rainy days, mom :D

See you all later. Go forth and be creative....

Much love,



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