Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Isn't she AMAZING?!

Sorry Nicole! I couldn't help myself... It is sooo pretty. I just wanted to try it on( you know when you see that pretty dress in the store and you can't help, but try it on even though you know you can't afford it? It's like that ;)! We can change things around if you want, but I wanted to play dress up for now :D I like the green on here better. I stole it from that little bar that tells me what other colors are in the banner ;)

Everyone else, Isn't it pretty? My super talented friend, Nicole is working on a beautiful logo for me. The banner is one of her ideas. Isn't it great?! I am so excited. It's a banner and logo now and then later it's sterling silver tags with the logo stamp on them attached to all of my jewelry creations! *boils over with excitement*

Ok.. I HAVE to get going. My head IS KILLING ME! I HATE pressure headaches!

Much love,



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