Monday, May 19, 2008

Beady Afternoon

Look what we made today! I got to spend the day with my bead girls Billie and Kim. We had a blast working on our flower macrame bracelets. We all pretty much had the same color flowers, but used different color bases for c-lon and different leaves and drops. Look at how different all of our bracelets turned out ;) It's neat to give people one of the same things to start and see what they do with them :) Thanks again for beading with me today girls! I had such a wonderful time.

Much love,



Anonymous said...

Nice job lady, thanks for spending so much time with us on our bracelets, you're right it was fun.
Being with you is alway fun.
Next idea for beads, maybe some
gardening items, what do you think, I work in the yard an awful lot and use lots of tools. How cute they could be in beads.
Love Ya

Genea said...

Hey Billie :D Being with you is equally as pleasant :)

Sure! We could do tools. What did you have in mind? What are your favorite tools?

Love ya too!


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