Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stars in your eyes and 8's in your ears

Hello friends!

Today's first pretty is made out of odd lot Bullseye! "Starry Eyed," features a crying eye on the front and a star on the back. The base is an amazing streaky deep violet.

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is some SUPER FUN Crazy 8's earrings. Until now I have only offered one pair on Etsy so I am excited to offer "Mystery Mix". I named this pair after one of my favorite candy's as a kid, now and laters mystery mix. It was swirly with bright green and purple! This funky pair is also made out of odd lot streaky Bullseye in colors of lime green and grapey purple with strands of bright teal.I am really excited about the new Retro Daisies I made the yesterday. I modeled the colors after a pattern on some scrap book paper and it's pretty FABOO, if I do say so myself! Again, I have a lot of pictures to catch up on, but I will get it here eventually.

I made more pieces for my secret new line that have I been dangling over your heads. I need a few more pieces to put them all together, but I will have a nice selection from which to choose when I do release them. It will be well worth the wait. I did end up with a few less already that managed to sneak out of my studio, but they have been very well received by those fortunate few that have gotten to see them so I am pretty stoked :)

My chef had to go to work early today so I am on my own for breakfast. I need to go eat and get on with making beads. I have A LOT to do again today and the show is fast approaching!!

Much love,



prettypanda said...

So lovely! I love its bright color and funky shapes.
You're amazing and so talented!

Genea said...

Thank you :) Me too!

Awww thank you :)

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