Thursday, July 9, 2009

A taste of Mexico

Hello friends!

Today I have another quick shop update with more later. I know... I totally suck! I have a ton of pictures and information for you as soon as I get everything shot and edited, so there will be some super awesome blogs coming. It will totally be worth the wait!

Today from Mexico I have a pair of "Mexico" loopy ding earrings! This style wing ding was inspired by the lovely frit glassware in Mexico. I did an earlier knotted earring design that inspired this embellished design. I chose bold colors like what you would see in Mexico like orange, cobalt blue and lime green!
Today's SNEAK PEEK second listing(later this evening) is one of my Lovie Buttons called "Midnight Electricity". This button is made out of cobalt blue and super yellowy green odd lot Key Lime! The button shank is periwinkle with coral freckles! As most of you may know I am not usually a dark color kind of girl so these items are WAY dark for my usual tastes!


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