Thursday, July 30, 2009

Feeling fall color palette

Hello friends!

Today I am doing a TRIPLE DELIGHT on Etsy. Since I my Etsy shop will be closed while I am at the show fri-sun I thought I would list 3 UBER CUTE pendants! You are my Sunshine, Cloudy, and Little Black Raincloud. These remind me of those cute knitted amigurumi characters :)Remember when I felt so accomplished for tying up all of my bead sets and getting some things in order? This is what it looked like..
Remember the first day of Retro Daisies? I re-made a set(which I don't usually like doing) which was really well received last year and was super fun to make! Here are the retro daisies in chocolate with lime green and aqua.So you can get the set, or button or both and make a super fab bracelet!

I enjoyed making the retro daisies so much I thought I would finally call on that paper that inspired me .
The paper is kind of a rusty orange red with some kind of lightish olive flowers with burnt orange centers. It looks pretty washed out in the pic from the lamp light and flash. This is why I opted not to photograph on papers. They just seem to reflect too much light and wash things out. I really like the cool color reflections and dramatic gradation I get on my shiny white table surface.

Well I feel pretty accomplished with my posts so I had better leave you on that note. I have much to do before tomorrow show!

Wish me luck!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,



Ashley said...

Those retro daisies are CUTE!! Love them :)

19 more working days left at my job!! Then another three months till I'm home.. But I'll be back with tons of pictures and lots of stories for you :)


Genea said...

Thanks! Me too! They are super fun to make too!

Woo hoo! I can't wait til you get back and share your adventure with me!


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