Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's never ending, isn't it?

Hello friends!

I have some pretty pastels for you today :)

First is "Awakening". This little design was born in a fit of inspiration. It is kind of fringy, kind of dandly and AWESOME!

Next is "Flutters" Wing Dings. This shape is so much fun. People tell me the look like butterflies :) There really is so much you can do with this fun little shape.
Boo on more programs! I guess there is not a connector from Etsy to Facebook. Yes, I did connect them. Ugh.. it just seems like there is SO much out there to be done online. They are always coming up with new ways to add new things to this and that. Too bad it takes ALL day :( I really would rather spend my time creating.... I guess this is supposed to be a pretty cool feature though. When you post on Etsy it will post it on your Facebook profile page. That is kind of a bummer that it doesn't post to your page instead since I use my page for my Genea Beads stuff. Oh well. Close enough right?

I just contacted this old server for my domain(which I got like 6 years ago and was abandoned, but stuck in cyberlimbo). I hope they get back to me so I can have the domain again. I am thinking that having will help google find me more easily than just a bagillion posts on Etsy.

Well we didn't get the fence done, but it's really no biggie. I guess we will get it done later.

I have been diligently working out at the gym. I feel really good. I always have Ricky push me really hard when I am lifting.

I am really enjoying my little waterbottle charm. I was looking at it on the way to the gym and some inspiring thoughts came to me. I think I will make some beads for those ideas to get my creative train back on the tracks again. I am feeling kind of out of it lately. I think all of this computer crap is bogging me down. It just takes a huge block of time to read, add new programs, take photos, edit photos, add items to Etsy, blog and then twitter, facebook and all that jazz. I get kind of fried by the time I am done.

Well on that note. I need to go do what I do best, CREATE. Hopefully I will get some designing done and have pics for you :)

Much love,



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