Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garden Delights

Hello friends!

Here is that garden update I owed you. Please excuse some of the not so sharp pictures. My camera takes somewhat fuzzy pics if there is any movement.

Here are some pictures of my butterfly flowers. We almost thought we weren't going to get anything since it downpoured rain for 3 days after we scattered our seeds. I guess nature has a way of saying FU if it want to live huh?!

Next I have my little porch babies. I didn't include my lovely hibiscus since she didn't bloom this year. I made the mistake of repotting her just as spring was hitting. Pretty sure she was in the same make shift pot she came in for 2 years. I re-potted her in pretty new black organic soil. She is doing well, but is just all leafy instead of flowery.

So as not to bore you I just took pictures of my little potted lovlies...



I had to take a picture of my crazy Seedum too. That thing can seriously live anywhere with almost no extra watering. I chose to water it this year and look how HUGE it is!

And last, but not least(I always save the best for last! You can ask Melissa how that goes;)
Here is one of our little pablano pepper plants we acquired. Do you see it's little flower? *beams* There are even little buds where the peppers are starting to grow :D

Speaking of peppers. Melissa was kind enough to have brought me her very FIRST orange bell pepper to enjoy! It really warmed my heart to get the very first fruit of the harvest from a friend whom I love dearly :) We made some yummy pita pizzas and used it as a topping! It was YUM-MY!

This tomato plant was planted late and it was the first one to produce tomatoes :) Aren't they lovely? There is such a wonderful feeling from nurturing a little seed to a plant that produces fruits. Gardens really do feed the soul as well as the stomach :) I am so grateful to learn this bit of wisdom while I am younger so that I may enjoy lifes everyday pleasures :)


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