Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Listings and designer pieces

Hello friends!

So I guess you may have noticed that I didn't post your sneak peek yesterday right? Well, fear not, you didn't miss anything. I didn't get to my second listings. I was SUPER busy again yesterday. It turns out doing my posting, making beads and going to the gym takes up a HUGE chunk of my day!

So without further delay...

Today I have a fun, bright pair of Crazy Daisy earrings to offer! They are etched too, which I don't do too often, but totally should! Etched beads have such a wonderful satin feel.

Today's SNEAK PEEK is "Forbidden Dreams" passion heart made out of amazing Bullseye glass!
I just LOVE the richly saturated and unique colors of the Bullseye palette!

What a fantastic surprise! Today when I was checking my blog I was reading Kristin's post and she made some earrings out of the demo beads I made when she came over to play in the studio!Aren't they AMAZING? You know what I love about them besides their fiberiness? They are ASYMMETRICAL! A lot of people totally freak when things aren't matching. If you are one of those, today I encourage you to embrace the madness! ;)

I think I totally FORGOT to show you this lovely design from one of my customers, Jan Dees. Her inner muse was calling and she made these lovely pieces!Thank you for sharing your lovely work, Jan!

Remember when I made that dragonfly focal for my friend Sandy's birthday? Here is the necklace we made together when I was filling in at Bead Boutique! It is kind of a small image so you can't see all of the details, but I am really pleased with the results!

See you later on Etsy!

Much love,



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